Terms & Conditions

Please Read Carefully

(a) You MUST adhere to the instructions of our therapist before treatment.  Please use the fresh clean towels provided to cover yourself prior to massage. Treatment is only available to customers aged 18 years or older, unless over 16 years old and accompanied by a parent or guardian (proof will be required).

(b) Please ensure that you wash thoroughly before attending your appointment - we have the right to refuse treatment on hygiene grounds.

(c) We do NOT do home visits and we do NOT answer lewd and suggestive messages - we simply block your number and report all incidents of malicious communications (we may also publish your number and your message on our social media pages).

(d) Payment must be made as soon as your appointment is finished.  We only accept card payments or cash - please ensure that you have the means to pay before booking. We do not provide credit for any of our treatments (non-payers will be subject to prosecution without exception).

(e) You will respect our staff - we will NOT tolerate abusive or inappropriate behaviour.  We ONLY provide the services advertised so DO NOT embarrass our staff or yourself by asking for other services - inappropriate behaviour will NOT be tolerated. You will be asked to leave the shop immediately and payment will be required for the full appointment time (see above) - you will also face a lifetime ban from the shop.  We only run a professional service with trained professional staff.  We require a contact telephone number for bookings. If your contact number can not be validated then your booking will be cancelled.

(f) We will refuse treatment to anyone who we suspect is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

(g) If you are late for the appointment, you will only receive treatment up to the end of your original booking time.  We are very busy and require time to prepare for the next customer.  It is your responsibility to ensure you attend your appointment on time.

(h) If you can not make your appointment you should always contact us at the earliest opportunity.  If you do not turn up for your appointment and do not inform us beforehand, you will need to pay the full cost of your treatment for the missed appointment and the full price* of any treatment prior to booking for all future appointments.  It is your responsibility to ensure that you can make your appointment before booking.  It is also your responsibility to ensure that your appointment time is correct - we recommend that you ring prior to your appointment for confirmation if you are unsure.

*Appointments cancelled within less than 2 hours notice of your appointment time will be classed as a no-show.  We regretfully have to enforce this policy due to the amount of no-shows.

(i) Once your treatment is complete, you will be expected to leave the shop in a timely manner.  We are very busy and require time to prepare the treatment room for the next customer. 

(j) We do NOT offer discounts unless advertised.  Do not embarrass our staff by asking for discounted treatments - our prices are fixed and are very competitive.  If you refuse to pay the full treatment cost then you will be prosecuted. 

(k) Vouchers must be redeemed before the expiry date.  Vouchers can not be split between customers, e.g. one voucher = one hour treatment per customer.  If you have booked an appointment using a voucher and you fail to attend (without giving at least 2 hours notice) - your voucher will no longer be valid.

(l) If you have pre-booked a service which uses additional materials (such as Herbal Compress bags) and fail to attend (without giving at least 2 hours notice) you will be liable for the cost of the appointment and any additional materials.  These are prepared one hour before your appointment time and can not be re-used.

(m) Face masks are no longer compulsory, however we advise that you wear a mask for your protection of yourself and others.  We will continue to use the track and trace system currently in place, e.g. your name and contact details will be recorded on entry to the store.  Data will remain confidential and will be retained for no longer than 21 days.  All data will be disposed of securely.


Thank you for taking the time to read our terms and conditions - we appreciate your support and look forward to seeing you soon!